August 12, 2021 – Patch Notes

Unova Black Tower – The Unova Random Starter Eggs Drops have been replaced with Hoenn Starter Eggs *Please Note – Torchic (Speed Boost) is not available.*

Sevii Islands – Ho-oh boss random egg drop has been replaced – from Cacnea egg to Porygon Egg

Dream World Grass Unova – Added PC near entrance as per other dream yards.

The Great Race – Added Johto National Park – Johto RaceWay. Must Have Kanto And Johto Complete to enter. Timed race – Bring Surf

Money Or the Door – Game Show – Unova Castelia City – If you make it through to the end the Top prize is $512000.(But is about luck) – Requiredment to enter: Completed both Unova stories.

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