Where is Articuno?

Articuno can be found in the Seafoam Islands in the Kanto region.

Articuno can only be fought after you defeat the Elite 4, if you encounter him before then he will fly away, but don’t worry he comes back.

If you accidentally defeat Articuno, he will respawn in 7 days.  Once you capture Articuno, he will no longer respawn.

To find Articuno, you want to start at the South Entrance.  Then you’re going to Rock Smash and go left a bit and up the stairs.  Continue left and go down the ladder.  Go through the ice (the only way you can go) and go down that ladder at the top right (beside NPC Boarder Shaun.)  Go south just a bit and go down one more ladder.  Now walk north and you will run into Articuno.