Johto Daily NPC Battles

Most of these repeatable daily NPC battles EXP and $ rewards scale with your trainer level, so the rewards may be a little different than what’s listed below.

Approximately 3,750 Trainer EXP per day.

Rusted Zombies

Requirements: Defeated Johto Elite Four / Completed Resident Evil Quest

Location: Evil Vibes Island where Resident Evil Quest is located.  Travel to the northeast corner and follow the path through the trees.

4x Zombies (155-195 exp / $950)
Zombies start at level 60/155exp.  Each time you kill them they will increase 1 level and 1 exp.

Mystery Island

Requirements: Defeated Johto Elite Four / Completed Captain Jeck Spearow Quest

Location: Get to Mystery Island by going to the southeast part of Route 32 and take the boat where the Jeck Spearow quest was.

Salior Pastelito (45 exp / $1400)
Gunner Phil (55 exp / $1800)

Ruins of Alph

Sailor Pastelito (45 exp / $1400)

Ecruteak City Graveyard

Location: Tomb Entrance
Resting Reg (75 exp / $2200)
Peaceful Pam (62 exp / $1175)
Ghost Kian (95 exp / $2950 / + 1 Item)

Location: Graveyard Cave
Keeper (75 exp / $750)

Location: Graveyard
Ghost Phil (45 exp / $650)
Ghost Marge (45 exp / $600)

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