Johto Elite Four Rematch

In this guide, you will learn how to be able to challenge the Johto Elite Four again.

Requirements: You must have already defeated the Johto Elite Four once.

Fighting Silver

To challenge the Johto Elite 4 again, talk to NPC Silver below the market/Carl in the Pokemon League and get ready for a fight.

After you beat him, you will have to head to the Dragon’s Den in Johto where he will be waiting for you.

Fighting Silver - Part 2

Inside the Dragon’s Den you have to enter the Master’s house and leave above it.

Silver will be waiting for you for another battle. Claire and Lance will join you in this battle.

Only the first 3 Pokemon of your team will enter this fight.

After winning this fight, Lance will give you a key that lets you rematch the Johto Elite Four.


Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4


Impish Close Combat
Toxic Protect Foresight
Hitmonlee Adamant Close Combat
Blaze Kick
Curse Knock Off
Hitmonchan Adamant Close Combat
Drain Punch
Bullet Punch
Hariyama Adamant Ice Punch
Knock Off
Close Combat
Bullet Punch
Lucario Jolly Close Combat
Swords Dance
Crunch Extreme Speed
Machamp Adamant Dynamic Punch
Close Combat
Bullet Punch