Root of Evil Side Quest

Requirements: Must have defeated the Kanto Elite Four.
Level 65-80+ Pokemon suggested.

???? EXP / $????

The Root of Evil Side Quest is located at Cerulean Valley.

To get to Cerulean Valley, you’re going to want to Fly to Route 10 and head North towards the water.  Once you’re at the water, you’re going to want to surf North and follow the path until you reach Cerulean Valley.

To begin the quest, speak to NPC Assistant Arnie.

And so it begins...

After speaking to NPC Assistant Arnie, you need to speak to NPC Nurse Jan inside the Cerulean Valley Retreat (Pictured below.)

After speaking to NPC Nurse Jan, go speak to NPC Assistant Arnie again who will send you to NPC Scientist Shelly.  After speaking to Scientist Shelly, Assistant Arnie is going to have you hunt down 10 logs to build a bridge.  Look around the island and interact with the logs on the ground to pick them up.

After getting the logs, you’re going to need to get rope, which you can get from NPC Fishmonger Frank (located at the south part of the island at the beginning – south of the Retreat.)  He will have you catch (or defeat) 10/25/50 Magikarp.  The more you kill the more experience you get, but if you just want to get through the quest we suggest you choose 10. *THIS QUEST CAN BE REPEATED DAILY*

Go give the rope to NPC Assistant Arnie so he can complete the bridge.

Cerulean Ruins

Once the bridge is complete, it’s time to find Scientist Shelly in the Cerulean Ruins (located at the North part of the map.)

After speaking to Scientist Shelly, it’s time go find Arnie again at the Cerulean Ruins Site 2 (located at the Northwest corner of the map.)

After listening to Arnie talk for awhile, it’s time to head to Cerulean Ruins Site 3 (located at southern part of the map.)  Once you’re there, grab the note then head to the right towards the Cerulean Lighthouse.

Cerulean Ruins

Ruins Site 2

Ruins Site 3

Cerulean Lighthouse

Once you’re inside the lighthouse, speak to NPC Supervisor Samual on the right side of the GF.  After speaking to Samual, you need to go upstairs and read the book on the table in the middle of the room.

Time to go all the way downstairs and find Assistant Arnie at the end of the little maze.

After you talk to Arnie, speak to NPC Keeper Jim.  He will give you a quest to collect Batteries which are located on top of the boxes. Collect the 10 batteries then return to Keeper Jim.

After delivering the batteries to Keeper Jim, you need to go all the way back upstairs and speak with Assistant Arnie again.  Time to move to Ruins.

Deeper Into the Cerulean Ruins

Time to head back to Cerulean Ruins Site 1 where we talked to Scientist Shelly earlier and head down the stairs.

Once you’re outside, head to the right, down the stairs and enter the Cerulean Tomb Entrance.

Talk to Arnie and Shelly, then you will have to activate some statues in numerical order: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII.  (The gate is VII)
This will open the Cerulean Evil Tomb.

After entering the Tomb, you will have to step on 3 switches.  Once you do that, the Root of Evil will appear and you can choose between Easy, Hard, and Super Duper Hard difficulties.  The harder it is, the more experience you receive.

Ruins Exit

Tomb Entrance

Evil Tomb