November 7, 2018 – Patch Notes

– Game code is now compiled in another language to help with performance and security. 😉

– Team Preview with a few different modes has been added to the battle lobby choices.
* View Only (just look at each others team)
* Default/Enabled (Select your starting Pokes & also see opponents team)
* Knock Out mode (Choose your starting pokes 1 by 1 with your opponents, and choose a Pokemon they can not use in this battle too)
* Disabled (No team preview) – Worked the shader for characters to make them appear more vibrant instead of washed out.

– Fixed issue with rotating on the fly map when FPS was low, or uncapped where it wouldnt be the same speed over all frame rates
– If you click on your party members pokeballs in the top left, you can view their pokemon now
– Heaps of unova stuff has been added into the game, models, maps, tiles, story.. its coming along.. this update is required for the content devs to continue building it.
– If a battle ends whilst you log in at the same time maybe from a pvp battle etc, it will not longer require you to restart the game due to crash
– Same thing above but for chat messages and various other things.
– Minor tweaks/bug fixes on client end..
– With the team preview stuff in, it opens the game up to be focused on PvP ladders, with various battle types/modes to choose from, so that will be a priority for upcoming content from xan and my self. Due to the new client being completely different, it will need to be completely redownloaded so its best just to get it from one of these links and install it again, unless you want to sit through the auto updater updating 1gb of data.

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