IVs (Individual Values)

IVs are a secondary value that adds to the main stats of your Pokemon.  They range from 0 to 31.  At level 100, each point in an IV adds one point to the corresponding stat.

The total number of IVs also decides what color your Pokemon name will be.

Grey: 0-47
White: 48-84
Green: 85-107
Blue: 108-131
Purple: 132-155
Gold: 156-186

You can also reset your Pokemon’s IVs by clicking Reset on the IV tab.  Each reset will cost you $10,000.  If you have a high value on one or more of your IVs that you don’t want to reset you can lock them in by clicking on the IV you want to lock (a lock icon will appear.)  Locking an IV when resetting will cost you 1 Reroll Token per locked IV each time you reset your IVs.