Pokeone Halloween Event Guide

Check out this guide by Phantom Player on how to complete the Halloween Event in Pokeone.
The entire quest line will take close to two hours to complete.

Requirements:  Must have access to Castellia City in Unova.

This is for Halloween 2020 but seems to be near identical to 2021.

Pokemon Locations for the event can be found here.

Halloween Bosses

These bosses can give a Gen 7 Starter Egg:
Ghost Kian – Devil’s Den (SouthWest of Mysery Town)
Will – Sewers (NorthWest of Town – beside Manor)
Basher Brian – Dog Bite Bay
Malicia – Cauldron in Malicia’s Cave
Soldier Rufas – Army Base near Area 61
Alien – Deepest Underground at Area 61
Demon – Nether (Can’t return if you die or leave)

These bosses do not give Gen 7 Starter Eggs:
Lucius – evening/Night Only – Dog Bite Bay (Start quest by talking to Roy at NE area of Dog Bite Bay.  Chance of receiving a Lycanroc.)
Holes (Mirror Match @ Trainer Level) – Cursed Cove
Ghost Kian – Spider’s Nest
Meli – Dog Bite Bay
Creepy Clive – Shadow Hill Cemetery (Starts Will Sewers quest)
Jess – Evil Ridge (Northwest of Mysery Town)
Freaky Fisherman Fred – Cursed Cove