Patch Notes – October 4, 2020

There were a few updates with today’s Pokeone Patch.

– Salandit was added to the Nether as catchable.
– Prof. Stone in Cinnabar Lab can resurrect 3 fossils a week instead of 2.
– Safety Goggles has been added to Pokemon World Tournament vendor.
– Certain Rocks on The path to Ash in Mt. Silver have now been removed if you have 10 + Victories against Ash. This shortens the path to Ash.

– Ho-Oh and Lugia on Navel Rock in Sevii Islands now can drop an item called “Enigma Stone”. You can only hold 1 of these stones, so if you get one, be sure to take it to the Pewter City museum right away!
It is there it will allow you to fight a wild Latias/Latios chosen at random every time you do this. Once the battle starts, your stone will be consumed. You can only do this once per day.


– Alolan Marowak spawn rate has been increased in Halloween event
– Rockruff will appear during the day & night now in Halloween event.