Pokeone Halloween 2020 Hunting Event

From Discord:

Greetings to my fellow PokéOne Community. As we had already announced before, we have planned a Halloween hunting event. We are already in the preparation phase, so that we can now provide you with all the information you needed.

Venue – Mysery Town, Hallow Island 2020 (Access from Castelia City (Unova Region) by Sailor Ian)
Prizes – TBA on stream.

If you are wondering how or have no access to get to Unova Region, the methods are still the same. Either you have your trainer level up to 80 in either Kanto or Johto or, you may always donate any amount as small as 1.99 Euros in the Loot Box section in-game to gain access.

Free Access to Unova Region Ends today, and requirement will be back to level 80. You have a few more hours to do so to get in.

What you need to know
-Each Pokémon with the Ability, Nature and Location will be announced individually after one ends.

-Once reached at the location with a given point of time before commencing, we will start a timer for hunting(which may vary).

-Once you’ve caught the Pokémon, you’ll need to contact the Streamer and they will give you your reward.
(The difference from previous ones which is, we may have more than 1 winner per hunt as we are going by timer for this event. And as usual, Shinies will get a better reward.)

Notes to take
-If already caught the same Pokémon on the day itself before the event and still use it to present for the prize or using multiple accounts to part-take, will be immediate disqualified and banned from all events in the future together with all your other sub accounts. And yes, we have all the tools to track every single detail, so don’t bother trying your luck.


Do join us in this exclusive Halloween Event. More importantly is to have fun and a good time! There will also be lots of exciting giveaways during the stream. SEE YOU THERE!

Date and Time
17th October 2020, 2000 HRS, GMT + 2 (Germany)
17th October 2020, 1400 HRS, EST
17th October 2020, 1100 HRS, PST
18th October 2020, 0200 HRS, GMT +8 (Asia)
18th October 2020, 0400 HRS, GMT + 10

(Oceanic)Youtube: https://youtube.com/pokeonecommunity
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/pokeonecommunity