Unova is out! – Beta Testing

Unova is officially out today! Here are the notes:

Today we are going to open Unova as a closed beta.
Everyone who is level 95, or has supported or will support us via donations (buying boxes in game), or tested unova already is able to get early access.

This is so we can fix any issues that may pop up, and mitigate getting swamped with a lot of users as well as potentially have many issues occur.
Being a small team, it is much more manageable this way to open it up over the next few days.

Over the following days, we will open Unova to more players, lower levels, and eventually soon let people start there also.
Everybody will eventually over the next days be able to start playing unova.

On another note, Unova is certainly big, but it could be bigger. More content and things to do will be added to it over time, we have plans!
So don’t worry!

You can get to Unova currently from Vermilion or Olivine docks if you have completed the region they are in, and provided you are allowed to enter yet.