PVP Poke Hunting Guide

Submitted by: Zelrath
Version: 0.1
Last Updated: October 15, 2018

So you just beat Elite 4 and want to take your team to smash other trainers in PvP battles. Hold your horses cowboy! You need to build a proper team first but to do so you have to catch the best Pokemon and that’s what this guide is going to help you with. Let’s not stretch this introduction and get to the point of why you are here.

  1. Know where your desired Pokemon spawns – for this point check here for Kanto and here for Johto. Seems self-explanatory right? Don’t get fooled too easily. Some Pokemon only appear during certain times of day, others spawn once a week like Lapras on Friday and others can be caught just once per account like the legendary birds and dogs. You may also want to reduce the time you spend farming by hunting for several Pokomon at the same time. For example you can get a H.A. Mankey and H.A. Golbat while hunting for the mythical H.A. Gible in the Johto Safari Zone – Wetlands during night time.

  1. Make sure you get the correct nature for you Pokemon. Your best chance to get the right nature is using a Pokemon with the ability Synchronize and have it as the lead Pokemon in your team.  Synchronize gives you a 52% chance to get the same nature as the Pokemon with this ability. So if you want to get a Jolly Gible make sure you have either Abra, Ralts or Natu with the ability Synchronize and jolly nature. Synchronize works even when the Pokemon is fainted. Take advantage of this fact and save the time you would need to switch Pokemon. Remember that Synchronize only works for ‘mons you encounter in grass, by fishing and surfing so don’t waste your time trying to synchronize natures of legendaries, headbutts, or rock smashes.

  1. Make sure you get the correct ability for you Pokemon – there are a few ways to find out what ability a Pokemon has before you catch it. Your best bet is to use a Pokemon with the Trace ability. It copies the ability of the Pokemon you encountered but what’s important is you get the message showing you what ability it was. There are only two Pokemon in the game with this ability and both are rather rare. The first one is Ralts which you can get by headbutting trees on route 34 in Johto region. The other is Porygon which you can get for 9,999 coins in Game Corner.

There are cheaper and easier to get alternatives like Kadabra with Role Play but you would have to use the move each time you encounter wild Pokemon and waste more time. It may seem like few seconds but it adds up. Get Trace. You will thank me later.

You may want to give Smoke Ball to your Ralts so you can run from any encounter without fail. Smoke Ball is located in the Goldenrod Basement in the Johto region.

  1. Maximize the chance to catch the Pokemon – you probably know that certain types of PokeBalls can make it easier to catch a Pokemon but there’s more you can do about it.

  2. False Swipe – you want to lower the HP of the Pokemon so you have a better chance to catch it. False Swipe can’t finish off the Pokemon and it will leave it at 1 HP. Many ‘mons can learn it via TM.

  3. Spore – or other moves that put target to sleep. Spore is your best bet as it has 100% accuracy. Putting Pokemon to sleep also prevents it from fainting from self-harming moves i.e. Take Down or Self-Destruct.

At the moment there are only two Pokemon that can get both Spore and False Swipe – Shroomish and Paras. My recommendation is to use Breloom (evolved form of Shroomish) with either adamant or jolly nature and Poison Heal ability. You don’t want to use Effect Spore as Poison may kill encountered Pokemon in some cases and Technician is too rare and you want to save it for PvP.