Nexomon Extinction - Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmic Nexomon

Is there a way I can tell if a Nexomon is Cosmic if I’m not sure what their natural color is?
– Yes, their name box will be shining/flashing red like in the picture below.

What’s the rate of finding Cosmic Nexomon?
– The rate changes throughout the game.  It starts at 1/4000 (0.025%) at the beginning of the game.  It drops to 1/3500 “mid-game” (after saving Ignitia).  It drops even further to 1/3000 “late-game” (after completing the Drake Isles chapter.)
– The rate drops 1 point for each uniquely seen monster (up to -381).
– The rate drops 2 points for each uniquely owned monster (up to -762).
– The rate drops 50 points for each cosmic charm owned (up to -250).
– The best odds for a Cosmic spawn is 1/1607(0.0625% – or ) if you’re late-game, own every Nexomon, and own all five cosmic charms.