Healthy Charms

Healthy Charms are an item that causes your team to restore 3% HP after each battle.There are currently a total of 3 Healthy Charms and they stack which can net you a total of 9% HP restoration after each battle.

Healthy Charm 1 – PARUM CITY

The first Healthy Charm is located just south of Parum City.You’ll see it in a chest on a little island to the west of the bridge.Unfortunately you can’t reach it until later in the game after you get the wind skill.

Healthy Charm 2 – PHANTOM FOREST

The second Healthy Charm is located in the Phantom Forest in the Immortal Citadel.Just like the first Healthy Charm, this one is also inaccessible until you have the wind skill.
1) Warp to Immortal Citadel and take the East exit.
2) Go East 1 map. Go South 1 map. Go East 1 map.
3) Here you will see the chest in the middle of the map.

Healthy Charm 3 – GRUNDA’S TOMB

The third Healthy Charm is located in Grunda’s Tomb.Again, you will need the wind skill to access the Healthy Charm.
1) Warp to Lateria. Exit to the South.
2) Exit to the Northwest. Go West 1 map.
3) Take the South exit in the Southwest side of the map.
4) Enter the tomb to the East. Go all the way to the East and use your wind skill.
5) Go to the Northwest part of the map and use your wind skill.
6) Go North 1 map and you will see the chest containing the Healthy Charm to your right.